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Western Australia (Perth and SW Oz)

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158.Blast wall at the Jandakot Airport (Perth), Western Australia 159.Garden Island, SW of Perth in the Indian Ocean, looking W 160.Peel Inlet, Mandurah, WA  off tail.  Looking NW 161.Ocean freighters waiting off the coast of Perth to pick up wheat & grain for Asia
162.S tip of Leschenault Peninsula & Estuary. Koombana Bay & Pt Casuarina, Bunbury CBD behind 163.Bunbury, WA with Grain Freighters waiting in Indian Ocean to enter port, looking NW 164.Margaret River airport (YMGT), SWern coast of WA 165.Margaret River. SWern coast of Western Australia
166.Example of the many expansive winery vinyards in the Margaret River, WA area. 167.Surfer's Point, near Margaret River, WA 168.Western OZ outback or bush country (SW corner of OZ).  Bush Track fire-break road seperates 169.Albany, WA airport (YABA), Southern Ocean & King George Sound to the S
170.Albany, WA (looking S), Southern Ocean & King George Sound to the S 171.VH-ZVG, SR-22-G2-R9 at Albany, WA Terminal 172.VH-ZVG, SR-22-G2-R9 at Albany, WA Terminal 173.VH-ZVG, SR-22-G2-R9 at Albany, WA Terminal, looking NE towards approaching WX
174.Descending to land at Bussleton, WA, looking SW towards Dunsborough and Capt Naturaliste 175.Matt, Raj and The Triathalets, departing Bussleton (YBLN) 176.Bunbury, WA, looking NE at Koombana Bay, Leschenault Estuary & Indian Ocean 177.Grain storage & loading docks at Bunbury Harbour, WA
178.Raj Ratneser & Matt at Jandakot Airport, Perth, WA (YJPT) 179.Hui Tai Tan's Western OZ license plate 180.Dinner with Hui & Judith Tan & Trip Taylor in Perth, Western Australia 181.Cape Naturaliste, just west of Eagle Bay, Western Australia
182.West coast of Naturaliste Pointe, WA (looking S). 183.Canal Rocks & Indian Ocean,Yallingup, WA (looking S) near Margaret River, WA 184.Butch airstrip at Cowaramup, West Australia. Private Vineyard airport. 185.Backtracking on the Butch Airstrip runway, Cowaramp, WA
186.2008 SR-22-G3 Turbo, parked at Butch Airstrip 187.Trip Taylor backtracking at Butch Airstrip. 188.Trip Taylor & client arriving at Butch Airstrip, Cowaramup, WA 189.Two Cirri parked at Butch Airstrip for lunch.
190.Two Cirri parked at Butch Airstrip for lunch. 191.Winery entrance, adjacent to Butch Airstrip 192.Stash of surplus military jet trainers at Perth, Jandakot Airport 193.Jandakot Airport, Perth WA (looking NE)
194.Departing Jandakot Airport, looking N across Perth, WA (East Freemantle) 195.East Freemantle (Perth) and Swan River 196.Swan River, Kings Park & East Perth, WA 197.Bold Park, West Perth (looking NE), WA
198.Tamala Park, Mindarie Keys Marina, & City of Mindarie, WA 199.Yanchep National Park, WA 200.Cervantes, WA (looking SW) 201.Cervantes Airport (YCVS), looking SE
202.Cervantes Golf Course & Airport, looking E 203.Beachfront area north of Cervantes, WA (looking NW) 204.Final approach, Cervantes Airport (YCVS), looking SE 205.On the runway of Cervantes Airport (YCVS)
206.Jurien Bay (YJNB), WA (looking S) 207.Hui Tai Tan at Jurien Bay Airport (YJNB) 208.Jetty Cafe, Jurien Bay, WA 209.Favorite Island, looking W into Indian Ocean from Jurien Bay, WA
210.Beachfront Park at Jurien Bay, WA 211.Jurien Bay Beach, looking W toward Favorite Island 212.Walking path between Jurien Bay & Airport (snake pit) 213.SR22 filled cap (Earth)
214.Ground point (Earth) 215.Jurien Bay Gulf Course, departing Jurien Bay Airport (YJNB) 216.The Pinnacles sand dunes in Nambung National Park, S of Cervantes, WA (Looking W) 217.The Pinnacles sand dunes in Nambung National Park, S of Cervantes, WA (Looking W)
218.Kite surfers in the Indian Ocean, north of Perth, WA 219.Rottnest Island, looking SW 220.Final approach Rwy 27, Rottnest Island Airport (YRTI) 221.Kingstown Barracks, Rottnest Island Airport (YRTI)
222.Rottnest Island, looking W 223.Rottnest Island Airport (YRTI), looking W 224.Over Rottnest Island, looking NE 225.Rottnest Island, looking SE
226.Rottnest Island, looking SE 227.Rottnest Island, looking SE 228.Indian Ocean, looking E towards Perth, WA 229.Container ship, Indian Ocean, offshore from Perth, WA

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