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You may contact Progressive Aviation Services Owner/Chief Instructor, Matthew McDaniel via email at Matt@progaviation.com.  He is also reachable via his cell phone at (414) 339-4990.

We hesitate to post our location on this website because we found that people assume that if we don't live near them then we would not be available or want to work with them. Not True. We work with Cirrus and other high-performance aircraft owners and pilots nationwide. Matt McDaniel lives in Milwaukee, WI. We do have a customer base in our "local" area, and we certainly enjoy hosting non-local customers willing to come to us. Sometimes training away from your home area can be very advantageous, as it allows you to leave the distractions back at home. However, we are happy to accommodate your needs, schedule permitting, regardless of location. Have experience, will travel!


Matthew McDaniel