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Welcome to the Progressive Aviation Services, LLC Seminars Page. P.A.S. will be conducting seminars periodically and all the details will be posted here.

There are currently no seminars scheduled at this time

"I felt that Matt’s seminar was more than just WAAS tutorial but rather a great IFR knowledge tutorial with emphasis on the benefit and usage of WAAS technology. The fact that he covered all Instrument approaches and procedures with special emphasis on GPS and GPS--WAAS differences in light of practical use and FAA procedure and terminology was an excellent way for everyone to see the benefit of this new technology. The group seemed to have a large range of knowledge, experience and abilities. I felt that his instructive approach served to build everyone’s knowledge to the same level before he launched into the nuts and bolts of the WAAS information. I went to a WAAS GPS seminar given by Garmin and felt that the instructor blazed through the information so quickly that we only came away with an outline of knowledge and nowhere to turn for advanced understanding. At Matt’s seminar, we had great discussion about that critical difference between WAAS and Non-WAAS units to really drive home the points. I’d recommend his course to anyone looking for general information on WAAS or anyone looking to better understand how to use that wonderful piece of avionics! Thanks for an informative day—you’re an excellent teacher. It was fun hanging out with the boys club. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!" -Shawn Johnson, (Owner/Pilot of Cirrus SR-20 6-pack w/ WAAS)

"Discover what you "Don't Know”.  Matt’s seminars and clinics are a must attend if you even fly a small amount of IFR, especially if you have or if you are even thinking of upgrading to the newer technology equipment. Count me a satisfied ‘Best Bang for the Buck’ participant!” - Dr. David Schwietert (owner/pilot of Cirrus SR-22 w/PFD and WAAS)

“Attending your seminar not only brought everything into focus but was a nice integrated review of many aspects of IFR ground school training. In a class room setting the interaction with other pilot’s knowledge and experience, plus your expertise presents an educational setting not found on CD’s and tapes. Thanks for your continued help in my development as an instrument pilot.” - Gary A. Larson, President, Western Dakota Insurers Inc.

“Great class.  Very helpful to review of approach plates.  With so many variants and codes, it's easy to forget about some important data points.  I walked away with some key knowledge that completely answered my questions.”  - Brian Dunsirn (owner/pilot of Piper Meridian w/ WAAS)

“I enjoyed the day, meeting [Matt] and all the other attendees.  I used to teach and its obvious when the instructor is well prepared and you were surely that.  Don't make any changes to your style or delivery.”  - Frank Bomher (owner/pilot of Cirrus Perspective, TN-22)

More testimonials for seminars and various Progressive Aviation services can be found on the Testimonials page.

Testimonials for seminars and various Progressive Aviation services can be found on the Testimonials page.

  Matthew McDaniel
(414) 339-4990