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Welcome to the P.A.S. archive of published works. This part of our website allows you access to aviation magazine articles, authored by P.A.S. Owner/Chief Instructor, Matthew McDaniel. 

All articles are being used with express, written permission of the author and the publication. Unauthorized reproduction or use of any kind is strictly prohibited.

This resource will be continually updated as archived articles are added. Recently published articles will also be added on an on-going basis.

This collection of materials covers a wide variety of subjects and is organized as follows:

Instructional/Technical Articles: These articles are instructional topics of a technical nature.

Adventure/Instructional Articles: These articles detail various aerial adventure flights, while taking note of the lessons learned during them and throwing in occasional tidbits of instructional advice generated during such flights.

Pilot Reports: This section consists of pilot reports detailing the history and flying qualities of various aircraft, plus personal profiles & interviews of the pilots who fly them.

Romp Around Wisconsin: This is our compilation of the many articles, news pieces, and profiles written about our record-setting charity flight. However, don’t assume they all say the same thing. There was a wide variety of coverage of this event and many different angles of it were detailed in various publications.


  Matthew McDaniel
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