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Customized Mountain Training Courses

P.A.S. offers a wide variety of highly customized Mountain Training Courses. These courses can be conducted in any mountainous area of the country, and often incorporate several regions into one course. These courses are generally designed to meet a variety of client requests, such as:

• Development or enhancement of pilot skills and comfort levels for operating in highly demanding mountain environments.

• Helping pilot get maximum enjoyment from their aircraft by providing exciting destinations they can share with family, friends and fellow pilots.

• Teaching the necessary skills to deal with mountainous operations, related to weather, aircraft performance, survival, flight planning, etc.

• Taking in the wide variety of sightseeing opportunities along the way. I’ve taught these courses in every part of the country and, thus, have become quite familiar with how best to incorporate various sightseeing options along the way.

• Overnight stops at pre-requested airports/cities/areas. Since these courses are custom built, you make the request and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate them.

• Incorporation of non-public-use airports. P.A.S. can help make your trip special and unique by making arrangement to unitize airports that are not otherwise open to the general public.


P.A.S. will work directly with you to do all the necessary flight planning and organizational matters to make these trips as safe and enjoyable as possible for you. These courses will generally be priced via our standard rates, posted on the Pricing page. Special requests may involve additional fees related to private airport usage, logistics, etc.

Customized Mountain Training Courses are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. To inquire about scheduling your customized course with us, email us today.

Click Below for Photo Galleries of our Training Locations
Here are but a few examples of the locations and courses we offer.
Lake Meade &
Hoover Dam
Monument Valley
Grand Canyon
Lake Powell
Matthew McDaniel